Working on Narcissistic abuse by yourself, practical ways to deal with your emotions

Growing up with narcissistic parents can have tremendous effects on children’s well being. I will share below ways to work on yourself when you cannot afford a therapist. First of all I would assume that you recognise that you grew up with a narcissistic parent. If you’re not sure, get on the internet and find […]

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Fears and phobias

The mind is a very powerful thing. When we are too afraid to face our fears our mind is creating little tricks in order for us to express our emotions in a safer and indirect way. This is how symbolic fears, phobias or compulsions are being created. An example would be  a person develops a […]

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Signs and messages

I felt that I need to spend more time talking about signs and messages and how confusing they can be during the Spiritual Awakening. I had been suffering from anxiety since I was a child. Growing up with parents, both suffering with anxiety disorder, I learnt to respond to unknown situations with anxiety by imitation […]

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Coming back

I have been living in my home country for over a year now and I can’t say I’m exactly happy. The question that has been circling around my mind is ‘why did I have to come back? Obviously the easiest answer would be, if you don’t like it somewhere, go somewhere else. However, I have […]

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Spiritual Awakening and Change

I’ve been following many people who are in the same Spiritual path with me and I find very reassuring that they have similar experiences, same doubts, same fears like myself. What I realised recently however it is that no matter how much you want to help or advice people, everyone’s their own pace, it’s their […]

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The fear of stepping out

Most people I know, myself included, have this fear of stepping out as Lightworkers. It’s not coincidence that you are being forced in situations where you have no other option but to confront your fears. The fear of stepping out is associated with fear of rejection, the fear of being criticised or even ridiculed in […]

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