The job of a Lightworker

The job of a Lightworker

Lightworker’s Job description

  1. Learn how to process negative feelings fast, learn the lesson and switch into a positive state.
  2. Learn how to manipulate energy so to manifest a life(goals/dreams) that it’s aligned with their higher purpose.
  3. Teach their body and mind to sustain high vibration energy for long periods of time.
  4. Share their knowledge by doing something that would help other people raise their own vibration.

Many Lightworkers feel the urge to start doing the work which is to share/teach their knowledge. However, it is essential for them to be in a state of a high vibration first. Many Lightworkers are able to develop new healing processes necessary to Ascension and it is absolutely important to use their skills and abilities to do so. There are going to be many dark and light periods for Lightworkers until they master the art of a high vibration living. When Gaia is being bombarded with high energies creates pressure that forces the human cell to adjust or die. The cells that die create an emotional reaction such as anxiety or depression in the body which lasts 2 to 3 days normally(The dark night of soul). The cells that survive are able to expand and sustain the new energies.




Spiritual balance

Spiritual balance

It’s been more than a decade that I started working with myself. Everything started when I discovered the affirmations technique. It worked perfectly in the beginning. I’d managed to have very high vibration thoughts for three whole months until something negative happened and everything fell flat and I mean myself. Then I realised that in order to sustain such high vibration energy in my body and mind I had to clear all kind of negative thoughts, patterns, beliefs I was holding. Since I had resistance in thinking positively after the negative event, all my focus went on to find the reason I holding myself back from feeling well. Too many traumatic events came through and I was at a loss on how to work through them. The more I was healing more stuff was coming through and it really felt that my healing would never end. Then it struck me. I had to find  balance between healing and feeling well as I was focusing more on my healing Law of Attraction was bringing more of this. When you have been /have with negative feelings for a very long time, it can be very hard to start thinking positively again. Constant healing can be a form of self sabotage sometimes that can block our success or affect negatively our well being. At some point we just need to accept, maybe not everything needs healing. I understood that I had to learn to process my negative feelings faster so I would enjoy my positive feelings a lot more. My only objective is still the same, that is to be able to be happy everyday no matter what is happening in my life, be happy even if I had just £1 in my bank account, happy even if I don’t have a home or any other people around me. Finding balance between negative and positive emotions is not easy but it definitely worths a shot!

The most important message

The most important message

I’ve been reading and reading and feel sorry for myself some time now. It seems that I’ve done my healing, I managed to heal so much crap but I still can’t feel the bliss and happiness. Then it struck me. My mind is on the healing set up because I’ve spent so much time thinking about what to heal next. What I need to do now is to work on how to raise my vibration by focusing on things I want to have in my life and not on what I need to heal.

Constant overanalysing, overthinking over healing doesn’t actually help anyone. We are here to help raising the vibration of the planet and help shifting the consciousness and we can do that by shifting ours first. It has happened many times in the past in the my life to have very high vibration that lasted for months and I still remember how amazing that was. I was in constant bliss and love and positivity. However, after those periods of very high vibration followed periods of extremely low vibration and this is a very tough situation to be in. The sudden drop and then the absolute high. It was very bad for my body too. My body couldn’t sustain so much energy and it was balancing out by having periods of nothingness. I think nothingness was scarier than having ups and downs.

The lesson here is balance and I had to learn it the hard way. I am learning that no matter what is happening in my life I can be ok, I can have hard times but I can feel positive about the future, the people and the whole universe.

Below is a visualisation for raising your vibration, so it goes:

”Sit comfortably, close your eyes and imagine a column of white light coming from gaia and lifting you up and covering you in white shield of love. Let the love go up to the universe and connecting you with the Source. See yourself becoming big so that you can hug the whole earth. See the love coming out from your heart chakra and cover the earth with love”

It only takes a minute to visualise it but I can assure you it’s extremely powerful.

Lots of love,




Spiritual Nomad

Spiritual Nomad

I’ve been in a homeless, nomadic kind of way for a year now. This is a totally new experience for me as I always had some kind of security, consistency, predictability in my life. But this, not knowing where I’m going to end up, with zero money in my bank account, not knowing who I am anymore it can be a very frightful experience.

However, I’ve learnt how to live on very little things, how to pack a rucksack by packing only the very basics and above all, learnt to trust that everything would be fine at the end. The most difficult part still is to learn how to feel comfortable with survival fears (haven’t been there yet).

So, I have a very old Mac that it’s been dying for years now, the screen goes blank and I have to move it all the time to get it to work again. I can’t afford to buy a new one and of course I cannot live without a computer. However, the last few days things got worse and I freaked out to the idea that my Mac is going to die now. Scary thoughts of me having nothing else to entertain my self came through and I went into despair. While I was freaking out an idea showed up. Maybe this is happening because I don’t need a computer after all. That idea calmed me down. However, the computer didn’t die until the next day. The screen started again flickering, I lost my temper and I punched it with both fists so that the screen went flat on the table. I was sure that was it, after all I didn’t need a computer however a strange thing happened. Not only my computer didn’t die but it the screen had stop flickering.

The way I interpreted was that this happened because I had to lose my attachment to my computer, the moment I said to myself I don’t need a computer, Mac started working again. I had to say that and I had to believe it. It turns out that the whole situation with my Mac put me in a position to question my current state of living. What was I doing here? The need to emotionally, digitally, socially detoxing myself surfaced. I had to hit the road again. Where to, didn’t have an idea. While I was on facebook I saw an image of an island here in Greece. It is a very small, non touristic, primitive island, exactly what I needed.

I learnt that when I feel discomfort about a place that means I need to change something or move out. That whats it, I’ll go and offer my humble services to whoever needs me there.

I love you all!


Following your passion vs financial insecurity

I read everywhere that if you find your passion or your higher purpose, name it as you want it, you would become a different person. You would be feeling happy and confident and happy etc. Nobody is talking though about this transition. I may be following my passion but if I struggle everyday to make ends meet then I won’t be very happy even if I followed my passion. I know that being in a difficult financial situation is a way to learn your lessons fast, otherwise why on earth have you attracted this situation but still I cannot claim that after I found my passion I became a happy bunny, far from it. I know many people who had a spiritual awakening, they have all the signs and the urges to take action but they do nothing about it because that would entail to get into uncertainty and financial struggle.

What happens when you receive no guidance about your next steps and your bills are piling up? How can I focus on my spiritual journey and help other people when my passion is offering me no income? And please don’t talk to me about Law of Attraction, this is an outdated law that needs updating or replacing.

I have no answer..


A vivid dream of The Event

I had a very vivid dream of the The Event last night. I felt myself divided to two, there was a complete separation of myself, between my ego and my true self. I got scared a little of this separation but I knew deep inside me that I am safe. The next thing that happened was me seeing the earth from a distance and could see huge energetic waves hitting her. The planet was collapsing and the image I was seeing was similar to a painting of Pompei I had seen years ago. No technology was able to capture and explain what was happening. Part of me was still in earth and was very scared but my other part was far away and she knew that she was safe. I opened my eyes thinking, The Event is happening now! Very vivid dream indeed!

Law of Attraction during the Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening phase is a phase of extreme uncertainty, fear and anxiety, at least this is how I’m experiencing it. You are being stripped out of everything you used to call your identity. You may feel that you don’t know who you are anymore or that you don’t have any control in your life and Law of Attraction doesn’t make things easier.

My spiritual awakening started back in 2012 when I left from a company in a very bad way. I can remember myself consumed with anger and desperation. I wanted to  take revenge and find a better paid job to show them that they were wrong to kick me out in a such a way. Anyway, what happened was that no matter how hard I was trying and how many times I’d changed my CV and going to seminars on how to present myself for an interview, I couldn’t find a job, nobody was hiring me. My anger became desperation and my desperation led me to depression. The Law of Attraction was working for me but on the negative way as I was manifesting situations I didn’t like. I’d started becoming extremely anxious about my thoughts and angry because I knew very well that my reality was the manifestation of those thoughts. I couldn’t control my thoughts and the only person to blame was myself.

Law of Attraction in order to work needs you to put out your request and then letting go the need for it to happen. What I was putting out was desperation and neediness and that was exactly what I was attracting. Apart from the negative situations, I had started having strange sensations in my body, flashes, memory loss, weight fluctuations, insomnia, extreme fear lasting for days and then gone. I could see that everything was happening because of the loss of control in my life and the non linear way the situations were manifesting. I’d leant all my life to finish something and then go to the next one which was better and more advanced but now what I was getting instead was situations that were getting me back to the past, beliefs and feelings I thought I had cleared were coming back again. It seemed like I was in a huge negative spiral and I couldn’t get out of it. I was fighting back really hard out of the fear that if I don’t resist enough, I’ll get into worse situations. When the situation couldn’t get any worse I had a breakthrough. I did something I hadn’t done for a long time, I prayed and then I saw light coming down from above washing down all my fears and anxiety. I became a different person after that. Situations didn’t get any better, I was in financial turmoil, my debt was getting bigger and bigger every day but I wasn’t alone. I was never alone, all that was designed for me not against me but for me, to push me become the person I always knew  I can be.

I know how hard it can be if the LOA doesn’t work in the way you would like at this time. However, it does something very interesting, it brings in front of you all the feelings/emotions you need to release so you make space for the light to come in, the new you. Don’t try to control your thoughts at this time, just accept that it is a period of your life that you have no control over anything and that you’re manifesting uncomfortable situations. It might get years to start feeling you’re in control again, accept that no matter how hard it sounds. Acceptance is the key.

I’m very interested in the Soul Contracts. If your Soul Contract wants you to experience poverty in this life, then no matter how many positive affirmations you say every day or how many vision boards you’ll have, you won’t see any changes in your life. Why? Because you need to learn the lesson first. How you learn the lesson? It is by going with the flow and flow during the Spiritual Awakening means experiencing negative feelings. Try to understand what is the lesson is behind the poverty feelings, if you can’t find the answer just accept that either it’s not the time to know the answer yet or you many never find it, you just need to learn how to feel happy with little money.

So, just to summarise, going with the flow during spiritual awakening is to experience negative feelings and secondly, what we want may never be manifested. Accept and forgive is the answer.


EFT for a narcissist

A narcissist comes to you to help him with EFT. How can you help someone who has difficulty recognising their own feelings and feeling unable to describe a situation in the past they felt guilty? Being creative is the secret. Every person is different and what I learnt so far is that sometimes people don’t want to solve a situation or find the causes of their anxiety, they just want to know that everything would be fine and that they are safe, nothing else, no bad in that!

EFT and inner child

I tried a different approach with EFT the other day. A client was describing me how she was feeling about getting a job. A voice inside her was kept saying in a childish way ”I’m not doing it and you are not gonna make me”. I immediately knew that I had to work with the inner child. My client is a psychologist and I know how well she could sabotage the work as she is very good at hiding the aspects of her trauma, so I had to be creative. What I did was, I asked the client to speak to her inner child while tapping as the adult who speaks to the child and not the child who speaks to herself. She said:

”Even though little Mary doesn’t want to go to work, I think she is amazing even though nobody told that her yet” There was a shift in energy straight away as she was never told she is still good enough even though she doesn’t want to do something.

Rewarding day at work, check!

EFT heals past life trauma

I’m not new to EFT and I’m very excited with everything you can do with it. I was working with a client and we were digging into past events to uncover a trauma but instead of going back to childhood where we thought the traumatic experience initially occurred, we went back to a past life. The client had an unexplained fear of hurting women and he couldn’t relate it with any of his known experiences. When we started tapping, he started having images of him being in a different era, wearing clothes maybe from the 1800s and he could sense raping and killing women. It was very traumatic for him to see that but we successfully eliminate it the fear from 10 it was initially to 2 after a few rounds. I believe it is important for the therapist to be relaxed and open even if he doesn’t believe in past lives.